My journey to Airline Competence Consulting

I tried many different things in the last 28 years and made choices which changed my life and lead me where I am now: university, a voluntary work experience for one year, a student exchange in Spain, travelling through Europe and Asia and learning Spanish and German. However, out of those diverse experiences one thing has never changed: my curiosity for exploring the world.

I studied digital marketing and consumer behavior analytics at the University of Mannheim. During my studies I did an internship at Lufthansa Consulting and Lufthansa Technik. These internships offered me diverse insights in the global airline market, journey, aircraft maintenance and MRO stations. The different fields within the airline business were very fascinating and exciting to me. After finishing my master studies in 2013, I started my consulting career within the dCC Airline Competence Consulting Team at Lufthansa Systems.

I am passionate about travelling and convinced that the airline business is not just about transportation: It connects the world  and brings people together. The motivation for joining the dCC as well as the decision to work in the airline industry was largely due to my travel enthusiasm. As an Airline Competence Consultant I get the chance to see new countries.

Moreover my job at dCC offers me the opportunity to work with other intelligent, open-minded and knowledgeable consultants, who have in-depth Airline Know-how and IT expertise. I appreciate our teamwork because it offers me the opportunity to learn new things. It helps me to achieve my goals and we have a lot of fun together.

Continuing education is very important in my job. Diverse workshops are offered for consultants focusing on improving methodological Know-how, the deeper understanding of airline operations as well as personal development.

Because of being part of the dCC Airline Competence Consulting Team I was able to participate in different process transformations of Lufthansa as well as in the whole airline industry. With digital transformation, industry 4.0 and big data, airline business processes are embracing new connected and valuable synergies. The challenges and excitements are in front of us: how can we adapt the changes of this digital era and become the forerunner of the industry in transformation?

New business strategies are necessary. Traditional and low-cost carriers are developing new strategies to differentiate themselves in the digital world. It has become a hyper-competitive market.

Consulting is not about being an expert in everything, but being curious about new topics, having the enthusiasm to dive into new problems and having an open ear to hear what customers truly need. So many questions need to be answered in this transformation process – promising and exciting. We, the consultants, are on the way to find the solution.