My start at Eurowings

My start at Eurowings

Hey guys, 

I’d like to share my awesome onboarding experience at Eurowings with you. Right from the start, it felt more like stepping into a new adventure than starting a new job. I immediately felt the warmth and openness of the team.

My onboarding began even before I had my first cup of coffee in the office. I had access to a super modern onboarding portal that not only provided helpful information such as the milestines in the first six month but also interactive learning modules like a three letter-code quiz, helping me get familiar with things even before my first day at work.

My first day was just fantastic. I was warmly welcomed by my team and my manager. It was impressive how many people were present and showed me the topics I would be taking on. I instantly felt like an integral part of the team.

In addition to my first day, I also had onboarding appointments with new colleagues from other departments in the first few weeks: a Welcome Day and a Strategy Day. These all-day learning modules have gave me an even deeper insight into the company and its goals.

Our office in Cologne is truly unique. There’s an open office culture where everyone can sit wherever there’s space available. This not only fosters exchange but also creates a pleasant work atmosphere where you feel comfortable quickly.

And this is what it looks like in the offices.

Over the following weeks and months, I participated in various training sessions and workshops to further develop my skills and prepare for my specific tasks. And the best part? Right from the beginning I felt like my opinions and ideas were truly heard and valued.

What really sets Eurowings apart in my opinion, is the diversity and sense of community. As an applicant, you might read about the Wingsfamily. It’s true, w’re like one big family working together to achieve common goals. Every voice and contribution matters.

My onboarding at Eurowings was definitely a highlight in my career, and I’m so grateful to be part of this team. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, but one thing’s for sure: With Eurowings by my side, it’s only up from here!

Best regards