2 worlds in 1 week


What is expected to be one of the most exciting times of the ProTeam Trainee program has started a few days ago. The first assignment within the Lufthansa Group is finished for us. So far we have gained lots of airline-specific knowledge, got to know the organization and our co-workers. We will take these learnings along to the next chapter of the program.

Now that we are back from the United States, it is time to start our next adventure in Pattaya, Thailand. Here we will be working for the Human Help Network Thailand which is also permanently supported by help alliance. The project that we will be working on is an entirely different world from what we have experienced last week. Coming from Silicon Valley, probably one of the most innovative and most modern places in the world we are now confronted with some very obvious contrasts that are visible in the world. This, as well, is a crucial part in the trainee program and is intended to foster personal development of the ProTeamers.

Last month, when we were all still in Frankfurt, we took part in a seminar to prepare us for the upcoming weeks. This seminar was hosted by Katharina, who is also accompanying us in Thailand. She spent a year working with Human Help Network in Pattaya before and can share all of her incredible experience. In the seminar we were introduced to the work of the Human Help Network, the different types of the support they offer in Pattaya and our expectations were made clear. In addition, we got an introduction into the Thai culture, Thai language and we had the opportunity to taste some traditional Thai dishes in the evening. A great way to prepare and excite us for the adventure lying ahead of us back then.

Streets of Thailand
Streets of Thailand

While writing this blog, we have all safely arrived in Pattaya, Thailand, moved into our accommodation, had our first (spicy!!!) Thai food and are all ready to dive into the project.

Upon our arrival here in Pattaya, we were left entirely speechless of the incomparable warm-hearted welcome not only from Khun Toy, Director of the Children Protection and Development Center, but also from the children we will be working with over the next few weeks.

A surprise by the children we will be working with
A surprise by the children we will be working with

After a brief overview of the setup and organization of our stay, we were taken to the Drop-in Center in the heart of Pattaya. The Drop-in Center is a day care center for children in need as well as the first location for children who will be admitted to the Children Protection and Development Center (CPDC) permanently. The Drop-in Center provides the kids with shelter, food and medical aid before they move to the CPDC. At the CDPC the children are re-integrated and schooled throughout adolescence and the emphasis lies on self-directed living).

For our work with the Human Help Network here in Pattaya, we split up in different groups. The first group will be working directly in the CPDC, one group in the Drop-in Center and their Mobile Transport Unit and one group doing Public Relations work for the Human Help Network in Pattaya and its surroundings.

Each group will share their experiences with you over the course of the next few weeks, the challenges they had to overcome as well as the positive impact they will have hopefully made.

Stay tuned…