ProTeam: halftime

Happy New Year!

Whilst wishing this to my friends and family a few weeks ago, I realized that already half of the ProTeam program lies behind us. The perfect time for a quick look back and ahead!


Looking back: building a network at LHG through two new departments, ProInnovation, and ProSocial

Our time at Lufthansa Group started with the company deep dive in April. Everything and everyone was overwhelmingly new. Today I am happy to see my little network within LHG developing. Through my fellow trainees – who have become close friends – and the different projects I have been working on, I got in touch with a great deal of colleagues.

My first project, in the Network & Partnership Management department, focused on increasing productivity of the short-haul fleet in FRA. At the time, it was a business case on paper, but now our concept is being turned into reality. It is great to see your efforts making a difference. On top of that, I learned a lot about the core of an airline here: choice of destinations, fleet optimization, and the economics of a hub airline in general. I am satisfied with this start at Lufthansa Group.

After the first project, each of us was paired up with an experienced manager and we were sent to Silicon Valley to find out about future technologies. The question to be explored: how will the world look like in a few years and what role will LHG play on this stage? We followed workshops at Singularity University and visited local (so global) companies. Afterwards, all of ProTeam spent a month working for helpalliance. Reread my blog about that time here.

I am currently finishing up my second project, at Corporate Communications. Apart from assisting in daily internal communication work, I am part of the #ExploreTheNew project team. Check out the website to see what it is all about!

Looking ahead: a deep dive at SWISS, two more project phases, and then… ?

Our next step: another assignment with all of ProTeam. For SWISS this time. We are presented with a current challenge they are facing and have to come up with a solution in two weeks. No pressure?!

After that, it’s time to spread out again. We’ll go into our third project phase and some of us will go to a department abroad. I can’t reveal where I will go next… as I don’t know yet myself. But I am very much looking forward to continue making my little contribution to our company, getting to know more amazing colleagues and – after the fourth project phase – hopefully finding a longer term position within LHG!