My name is Julia Schönherr, and I work for Lufthansa in Central Divisions in the Talent Management unit. In our unit, we take care of various topics concerning internal and external Talents. In addition to the two internal Talent programs that I oversee, I am also responsible for “TalentHub”, the Lufthansa Group network program for external Talents.

TalentHub has been in place since the end of last year. We developed it in close cooperation with the different Lufthansa companies. Its purpose is to help the Lufthansa Group more easily maintain contact with interesting external Talents (such as former interns). We offer the participating Talents contact opportunities in different areas as well as a look behind the scenes, i.e. via invitations to events. In our application management system, participants are marked with a special Talent symbol as a “seal of quality”: in this way, all departments can see that an application has been submitted by a TalentHub participant. A regular newsletter as well as a separate log-in area for Talents on Be-Lufthansa.com with additional information completes the offer.

My colleague Andrea who keeps contact with our talents.
My colleague Andrea who keeps contact with our talents.

Who are we looking for to join TalentHub? TalentHub focuses specifically on Talents with what we see as “bottleneck profiles”. These are areas in which we often do not receive enough interesting applications for open job positions through our regular recruiting channels (such as an ad on Be-Lufthansa.com). Currently, these are mainly the areas of IT, finance and logistics. In addition, in our unit we oversee Talents who, for example, have a special international profile. Talents are nominated directly by the department they are familiar to (e.g., the department of their internship).

Why do we only include these specific Talent groups in TalentHub? In many areas of the Lufthansa Group, there are currently only very limited entry opportunities. Therefore, in TalentHub we don’t take candidates “at random”, but only according to our requirements. This also has a lot to do with the topic of expectation management: we do not want to arouse “false hopes” in the participating Talents that we might not be able to fulfill when there are currently few entry opportunities for their professional profile.

In Talent Management, we work closely with Talent managers from the individual Lufthansa companies, who are in turn the direct contact persons for the Talents. This also offers the participating Talents a good overview of possible, future entry units within the Lufthansa Group.

By the way, the photographs, which you can for example see on our homepage https://talenthub.be-lufthansa.com, are from a photo shoot here at our Lufthansa Aviation Center in Frankfurt. Since the photo shoot took place before Talenthub began, my colleagues along with interns and apprentices were available as “photo models” for these pictures.

At the TalentHub fotoshooting in our canteen (I am the one in the middle)
At the TalentHub fotoshooting in our canteen (I am the one in the middle)

Currently, we have already accepted more than 50 Talents into TalentHub. The first event will take place at the end of May, which I will be glad to report on in my next blog post!

Best regards,