Dear cabin crew,

It has been an amazing year together. We have seen our airline growing. Some of us, like me, have got to know our sky-blue airline without a proper office which by then did not have any tables and chairs but boxes all over the place. Cabin crew, do you remember how excited we were when we saw that office with that stunning view over the airport for the very first time? Our airline did not even have an airplane back then! But little by little, one step at a time, our OE-IEW Aircraft, our very first one, touched the ground of Vienna Airport, and the excitement invaded each of us: we were ready to fly, we wanted to fly, we were ready to get on that aircraft with our fresh uniforms and ready to turn every flight into a unique travel experience for each of our guests.

Dear cabin crew, do you remember the feeling of your very first Eurowings flight from Vienna? I do. It was an incredible experience. It was a flight to Rome and I was so happy to have my very first one to Italy, to my homeland. Passengers were glad to hear announcements in Italian, they were thankful once they got off. This is what I wish to myself for the coming year. I wish myself to have a thousand more “funtastic” flights with you, and I wish myself to be able to welcome all our new colleagues soon and also those I can inspire with my writing about my career over the clouds.

Dear cabin crew, I wish you a very nice start for your new year 2017 and always happy landings.

Your Shan