Behind the curtains

So many people dream about becoming a flight attendant these days, so they can see the world. Although not all of them know or can ever imagine what is hidden behind the curtains. Of course our job is awesome but let me explain to you what all is about behind there:

Two hours before take-off and after putting on my amazing burgundy colored lipstick, I have to find my way to the airport. One hour before scheduled departure we meet in our office at the airport to start with the briefing. In the Pre-flight briefing the supervisor of the flight, Purser, discusses about the special passengers or any expectations we have in our flight. The cockpit crew will join us after a while and will add further information such as flight time, weather etc.

After that we wait for the crew-bus outside and we are impatient to arrive on the plane since the temperature this month are really high on Mallorca Island. When we finally board the plane every crew does his/her duties. In general every time before flight cabin crew has to check the emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers, oxygen bottles, life vests etc. and the catering supplies such as water, sandwiches, coffee, sugar etc. Only if all equipment is in the correct number and correct place stowed we can start with boarding our passengers. Then we all take our positions like we are actors of a theatrical work because we all have different roles and we have to present them every day to our guests in a perfect way. I believe most of my colleagues would agree to this comparison.

And the show continues: after take-off as we all get to make our announcements with the freedom to improvise and that’s the time sometimes passengers enjoy jokingly our flights.

Most of our flights in our base Palma last more than one hour and a half! That means all guests get to be treated nice and with no stress. After landing the crew checks the cabin and the equipment again. We always report if something is missing or if a passenger left personal belongings behind.

After a quick turnaround in the destination, we are ready for boarding our new passengers. Those who are more excited than the others of the previous flight, as those are just starting their holidays. So much fun!

Then we repeat the same roles as before, always trying to make our guests feel special.

After landing and after our last duties, we thank each other for those lovely professional flights we had. Then I am on my way back home, or to a nice beach of Mallorca for proper relaxing time.

Fly safe and enjoy the rest of summer 2017!