LHG 12 – Ready for departure. The last steps of our theoretical training at the European Flight Academy.

Dear all,

If you have been reading this blog you might already know me. My name is Stefan, I am in the MPL course LHG12 and I already took you on a little tour through the flight school last year.

A lot has happened in the meantime and my classmates gave you several interesting insights into our everyday school life. Bit by bit, our theory phase is drawing to a close. In early July, we will take our internal finals and shortly after that (end of July) we’ll take our national exam at the German Federal Aviation Administration. A bit more on this later.

In the meantime, we upgraded our limited radio certificate (BZF) into the universal radio certificate (AZF): now we may radio with anyone and anything moving in various airspaces. Having this piece of the overall puzzle fall into place feels very good.

Nach erfolgreicher Funkprüfung bei der Bundesnetzagentur
After the successful radio exam at the Federal Network Agency

Furthermore, our English skills were reviewed with the so-called Language-Proficiency-Test. This certificate is also another step towards our final goal. In contrast to the radio certificate, which doesn’t expire, one has to repeat the language test every five or six years – until you pass it at the highest level, at which point it becomes valid for life. All of us did the version for five years, for the time being. The English test is no problem if you can have a normal conversation in English.

As I mentioned above, we’re preparing for internal tests at the moment, which are a kind of a rehearsal for the tests at the Federal Aviation Administration. On the one hand, we are preparing with scripts and the learning software provided by the flight school. On the other hand, we are also using external learning software in order to be optimally prepared for both exams. It’s possible that you sit in school from 8:20 am to 10 pm and forget the time while studying (of course, this includes breaks for coffee, meals and a foosball game or two J.)

But you know what? In school or university, I never liked the studying. Here, I really look forward to successfully pass all my exams, meaning the studying is mostly fun. J Overall, it’s a challenge to learn such a large amount of subject matter, but we’re all confident that our diligence and motivation will pay off soon.

And on that note, I will return to my performance script now and study a bit before heading out to let off some steam while exercising. Don’t get the impression that we don’t have a life outside of school. It’s just the exam period where leisure time is reduced to a minimum.

But it’s all absolutely worth it when you think about what awaits you after the aviation administration gives its green light. Let me summarize: flying, Goodyear, Cirrus, BBQ, PPL, Citation!

The great thing is we always know what we’re working towards: to make your dream come true.

Bye for now and best wishes,